project management services

  • Are you starting a new project and need direction or delivery assistance?
  • Do you want to improve the results and management of an existing project?
  • Are you trying to determine whether a project should continue or will deliver the benefits you are expecting?

Adaptra has certified project professionals that are delivery focused and provide honest and straight-forward recommendations and assistance to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Project Management Service Adaptra can provide
Business case development Value-focused business cases should tell a story, "why this project needs investment". Our business cases provide you with "best case", "worst case", and "most likely" information you need to make decisions on your project priorities and spending. At your request, we can also provide effective communication and management of key stakeholders to accelerate acceptance and approval of your business case.
Project initiation Our pro-active approach towards managing risk and realising project benefits brings together relevant stakeholders to define success criteria, measurement metrics, timetable, roles and responsibilities, contingency plans and governance structures, ensuring you have the framework, and organisational buy-in, to execute a successful project.
Project delivery Adaptra is focused on project execution, we employ project professionals with exceptional leadership, communication, risk and issue management skills that will lead your project to deliver the business outcomes you need.
Project reviews From quality or milestone reviews, right through to post implementation reviews, we can provide an independent assessment of your project results, gather lessons learned and provide recommendations for ongoing project improvements.
Project health check We provide independent audits on the health of your project to report on progress, identify specific risks and areas of poor performance, and provide recommendations for management and results improvements.
Project rescue Of course, not every project moves forward delivering the results expected. If you feel your project may be in trouble, we can analyse the root-causes of your current challenges and implement measurable solutions to turn it back towards success.
PM capability assessment We can provide an assessment of your project and program managers, as well as your project sponsors. The output will help you understand the strengths and developmental areas for each of your project leaders and enable you to assign work where they have the highest probability of success.
PM capability development Once you understand your current PM capabilities, we can help you define the right level of maturity your organisation needs to achieve to improve project performance. We outline the steps you need to enhance your capability and enable you to effectively utilise your training budget to build skills in areas that will directly impact project success.
Project management
coaching and mentoring
To keep developing and growing your project manager's capabilities and skills, we can provide an objective assessment of your project manager's current competency, prepare a comprehensive action plan to work by, and provide on-the-job advice that will increase your organisations ability to deliver successful projects.

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