business process management services

  • Do you have the right business processes in place to support your organisation?
  • Are you failing to achieve your organisational objectives due to a lack of clear business process management?
  • Do your current processes allow your organisation to work smarter, not harder?
  • Are your processes an enabler or a liability?

Effective processes are at the heart of an organisation. Adaptra has qualified BPM practitioners that can help you deliver strategic results through the improvement and management of crucial business processes. Our customised approach to achieving your organisational objectives ensures tangible results, increased flexibility and improved agility in the market.

BPM Service Adaptra can provide
Business process health check We provide independent audits on the performance and management of your key processes, identify specific risks and areas of poor performance, and provide recommendations for management and results improvements.
Business process improvement Our pragmatic approach is geared towards achieving benefits and reducing costs. We align your processes with your business objectives and customer expectations, resulting in lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.
Process performance modeling We provide a holistic view on all aspects of your processes, such as financial, quality and service aspects, with an ability to drill-down to the critical areas to establish a process that delivers timely and accurate information.
Process modeling Our process models are clear, concise and fit-for-purpose. We have expertise in all leading process modeling tools and can work closely with you and your staff to ensure key stakeholders can understand and execute the processes correctly.
Business process
technology services
We provide independent assessment and selection services and are experts in all leading systems. We provide end-to-end solutions design and implementation services that result in increased ROI and a fit-for-purpose technology solution. We can leverage existing technology, determining if new technology is even required.
Coaching and mentoring Our coaching and mentoring services are tailored to suit your individual needs. We can establish and strengthen your Centre of Process Excellence and improve your business process management capability, resulting in better business results utilised with internal resources.

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