application and IT services

  • Are you implementing new IT applications or performing further development of existing applications to provide business efficiencies?
  • Do you have the necessary experience to bridge the gap that can exist between your business stakeholders and IT delivery resources?
  • Do you have the knowledge to successfully select and manage the application vendor / vendee relationship?

Adaptra has vast experience in implementing and managing IT solution projects that deliver measurable benefits. Adaptra is vendor neutral to ensure that we can offer the best recommendations for your organisation.

Application and IT Service Adaptra can provide
Vendor selection The success or failure of your vendors will directly affect the quality of services that you can render to customers. We can provide the framework for the selection process, manage stakeholders in making decisions, negotiate vendor contracts, and provide neutral advice that aligns with your business strategy so you can choose the vendor that best suits your needs.
Vendor management We dramatically improve your outsourcing outcomes by creating governance and processes that support a full supplier relationship, including: creating a joint account plan, establishing and monitoring service level agreements, performing regular performance appraisals and providing business advice on continuous improvement of the relationship.
IT Capability assessment We can analyse your IT processes, systems and people to benchmark your current capability, and provide recommendations which will increase your ability to support new and existing business strategies and projects.
Application implementations Our implementation professionals will help transform your business by creating sound business objectives and requirements, redesigning business processes, and ensuring the best practice configuration and testing of the application.
Applications consolidation A top priority for most IT managers is the reduction in the number of applications that require ongoing support and maintenance. We can help you plan and implement application consolidation projects with managed change, optimised use of resources and data migration security.
Coaching and Mentoring We can provide mentoring for key IT leaders in your organisation to help develop their capacity to manage key initiatives. We can provide an objective assessment of your key resources' current competency, prepare a comprehensive action plan to work by, and provide on-the-job advice that will increase your organisations ability to deliver IT programs aligned with your strategic vision.

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