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How Standards Australia aligned their business and IT

Ensuring the alignment of your business and IT division can be critical for success. Our new case study reveals how IT specialists Adaptra helped Standards Australia to improve business performance and re-align their business and IT division. Highlighted in this document are the main features of Standards Australia's development, including the challenges faced, the solutions implemented and the benefits realised. This study illustrates the importance of obtaining an independent process review, of prioritising improvements, managing cultural change and communicating between the business and technology department.

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Getting the Process Right

Implementing a process-focused solution can provide your organisation with a range of long-term benefits including increased revenue, improved customer service and continuous process improvement. This case study explores how an Australian financial services company focused on getting the process right to achieve a host of tangible benefits, and contains practical advice on improving your business processes.

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Pfizer Australia success story

Pfizer Australia gains better control over discretionary spend
After realising that it was going to face significant competitive challenges to its revenue growth and market-share through the loss of patent protection of key products, Pfizer engaged Adaptra to undertake a review of its project management and execution capabilities.

Adaptra's recommendations, which included the establishment of an enterprise-wide Project Management Office, allowed Pfizer to prioritise its projects and align its strategic goals, resulting in a multi-million dollar saving.

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